Why Is Nobody Reading Your Corporate Blog?

Why Is Nobody Reading Your Corporate Blog?

Because nobody is interested in your corporation.

I’m sorry dude. It’s true. Most people don’t give a rats ass about your company. And that’s why they are reading the other guys blog and not yours.

People read blogs because of the person behind the blog. Because of their specific take on a subject. And no, you don’t have to start blogging about social media. Please don’t. If you sell cars, please blog about something that in some way or fashion has something to do with cars.

Really, it’s okay to blog about unsexy stuff like technology, finance, health care, education or whatever the business is you are in. As long as you approach your subject from a personal standpoint. Stop hiding behind your logo. You are sexy.  Stop acting like a corporation and start showing the world you are a human being. Stand for something. Share content that leads people to a place you want them to go. If you take the lead they will want to follow.

Content isn’t king. You are.

Ingrid Tappin is founder of TheNewBizCompany. She is on a mission to socialize business, marketing and media. If you want to be a rock star please contact her HERE.

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