Why Drinking Is Good For Business

Why Drinking Is Good For Business

Something funny and very Freudian happened while writing this.

I noticed a typo. Had I not, the title of this post might have been published as “Why Drinking is GOD For Business” instead of ‘good’. Knowing me, this would be a perfectly plausible headline, but let us not get into God or Freud today and focus on the drinking and business part of my advice for you. God and Freud are very last season anyway. Today, a simple answer to an important question.

Question: How do I start my business?
Answer: Start drinking.

Are you kidding me?

No, I am not kidding.

Just drink.

If you don’t like alcohol, I think you’re a bit odd and I’d recommend you give it a shot. No punn intended. But I’m not trying to get you drunk here. Coffee, tea, lemonade, soda, water, or any other liquid people have a habit of sharing together while socially connecting, will do. Stop working on your LinkedIn profile. Stop reading blogs on how to start a fanpage on Facebook. Stop reading this blog. Turn off your computer, and go out and have a drink with someone. It’s good for business.

No good?

You need more thoughts on this one? Tough cookie you are. Okay. Let me elaborate.

Social media is not your God

I understand your hesitation. “Why?” you ask. “Why should you go out and meet people in real life?”  We have the internet. We can start our business at home. We have mobile phones and laptops and the whole online social media thing going for us. That’s where all the money is made nowadays, right? You want to know what to do HERE, behind your computer. You’re thinking: “I don’t want to go out! I want to get started!! Give me something that’s fast and easy!!!”

I am. Because social media is a lot of things, but it’s not ‘easy’ and it’s definitely not as fast as all the guru’s are making it up to be. Having a drink with someone who can actually hear your voice and look into your eyes, listen to your story and get to know you, might not be as fast as typing a tweet, but in the long run it’s a hell of a lot more effective and in my opinion the easiest way to start your business now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet. I love social media. I love reading blogs. I love my iPhone and I love hanging out on Twitter. And I do believe it can help you do business too. But it’s not where it begins. Social media isn’t your Business God. You are.

(Oh, shit God came back to haunt me for calling him last season. Sorry about that. Moving on.)

See, the fact of the matter is: You might think I’m pretty okay as @ingridtappin on Twitter. Maybe even like me when we speak on the phone. But have a drink with me and you’ll think I’m awesome. And that’s where business opportunities arise. With our awesomeness.

Get out and show up

Crazy and arrogant? Maybe. But it’s true. Everything I’ve achieved in business so far has started with a drink. The funding for my first production? I met some people in a bar and it all began with a beer (or two). Starting my first company? A group of ambitious people came together and organized a dinner party. First person who paid me for my services?  A friend advised me to have cup of coffee with a guy he knew.

You know how the really cool and succesful entrepeneurs build their companies? By getting out there, showing up and being awesome.

Real business is done with real people. They will love you, help you and even give you some of their money, because of YOU. Not because of your LinkedIn profile. But because you rock.

Your future customers, clients, business partners, investors. They might be online. They might not. But the ones that are going to help you start your business will definitly want to meet you face to face. It’s up to you if this happens sooner or later. So, go on. Go do some bizdrinking. And let me know when it’s time for us to meet.


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