What Really Happened In Vegas… (Day Two & Three)

What Really Happened In Vegas… (Day Two & Three)

I’m back home and I have been jetlagged as hell. It’s the reason it took me some time to wrap up the Vegas posts. I know, I’m late and there are only two posts now instead of three. But the reason I’m combining BlogWorld Day Two and Day Three isn’t because I’m tired or lazy. It’s because I spent the second day of one of the biggest new media conferences in the world hanging out in bars instead of attending sessions.

No, not because the gin & tonics were so good. They were horrible. Vodka and cranberry juice are my new best friends. No, because I (and a lot of other attendees AND speakers) didn’t only attend BlogWorld to listen to smart people talk about blogging. We were in Las Vegas to talk to each other about business and social media. And to connect. Don’t get me wrong. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn they’re all good to connect with. But a 😉 or a LOL is just so much better in real life than in a tweet. Besides, you know how I feel about drinking and doing business.

Anyway, l will not bore you with all the oh-my-god-you-really-had-to-be-there-stories. Just make sure you are next year. It’s worth it.

So without further ado: This is me wrapping up the best of #BWE10 Day Three.

(Day Two can be found on Facebook by the way. All pics are SFW. The bad girl image is what it is. Image.  Just saying.)

Best Speakers

Sonia Simone, Darren Rose and Brian Clark

What did they have to say?

Free is not a business model. So why blog? Blogging is attraction marketing. It’s advertising that works.

The internet is not a cash machine (anymore?). Build something that is real. Something that matters.

Generosity attracts money.

Social media hates selling because people hate to be sold to. But they love to buy.

Don’t sell. Educate people of the benefits of doing business with you.

On authenticity: Don’t waist your time sharing everything about yourself. Skip the boring stuff. Share the person you want to be. Share the best you.

Write passionately, but don’t necessarily write ABOUT your passion. Write about things people care about.

Was that it!?

Of course there was a whole lot more to BlogWorld than this. And there were loads of other smart and entertaining speakers with wonderful insights I have taken back home with me. But I want to think about a few things first, before I put them into action. And way before I write about them. Why? Because I want them to matter. You see, I dare to say that THIS was the main message everybody shared. Speakers used different words. Experts recommended a variety of strategies and tactics. But when you break it down, they all had the same mantra when in came to business… And using social media to do so: Be you, be true, and try to make a fucking difference. Make it matter.

Hard? Definitely. Complicated? Not so much. What can I say? It’s what we do. It’s rock and roll.

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