I Believe You Are A Rockstar

I Believe You Are A Rockstar

WATCH THIS VIDEO. Yes, that is a demand. I am demanding you watch this fan-fuck-ing-tas-tic- TED Talk by Simon Sinek. Why? That’s the whole point of the video. I’ve been on your case about this for a long time now. You need to start sharing your “why”. Simon has a very sexy way of getting to the point of it all. So maybe you’ll listen to him.

When you finish watching it and feel inspired and lost at the same time, I want you to know I believe you are a rock star.

And if you get that, if you really get what I’m trying to say here and still feel lost, I want you to call me. Yes, another demand. I’m bossy like that. I know you like it.

Now go watch. I’ll talk to you later.

Ingrid Tappin is founder of TheNewBizCompany. She is on a mission to socialize business, marketing and media. If you want to be a rock star please contact her HERE.

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