Every Business Is In The Music Business

Every Business Is In The Music Business

People who know me in person or follow me on Twitter or Facebook or have been reading this blog for a while, know that I use the word “rockstar” a lot. I call entrepreneurs rockstars. I’m always bugging my clients to be rockstars. I just shared a poem on this blog and said it was a poem for rockstars. Basically “You are a Rockstar” has become my signature statement.

Lately some smart people I know have been asking me why. Why do I use that word so much? Why do I believe entrepreneurs should see themselves less as business people and more as rockstars? Clearly not just because it’s a “cool” thing say to motivate people? There must be more to it than that.

“You don’t just say things because it sounds cool. You say stuff for a reason. That’s why we like you and think you are annoying at the same time. So, What’s the deal? ”

I told you: Smart people who asked me these questions. Anyway, they are right. Not that everything I say is deep and profound or has some great message behind it. I mean come on, half of the time I’m talking about having gin tonics in Amsterdam or complaining about this week’s bad hair day again.

No deepness there. But when it comes down to business. When it comes down to entrepreurship. Yes, then most of the time the things I say I say for a reason. I say them because I believe in something.

I say the things I say *because* I believe.

I believe entrepreneurs should be like musicians
I believe you are not in business to sell your products and services to customers
I believe you are in business to sell your passion and personality to people
I believe every business is in the music business
I believe your voice is a genre
I believe your passion is like music
I believe your music should be shared
I believe your service should be a concert
I believe your customers should be fans
I believe your logo is just a logo
I believe your personality is your brand
I believe you are a rockstar

And I know believing is not enough. I know industries are in trouble. I know businesses have to evolve. I know people want to be served. I know money has to be made.

And that’s why I know that it is time to rock. And roll.

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