Are You Too Ugly For Social Media?

Are You Too Ugly For Social Media?

There’s no chance in hell you are a CEO running a business and haven’t heard about social media marketing yet. No chance in hell. It’s the freaking talk of the town.
You’ve heard how it’s not about just sending out your message anymore.
How in some circles it’s even considered a crime to be spending money on traditional ad campaigns.
You know it’s all about “joining the conversation”.
You’ve read the articles. Your marketing department is “engaging” with the customers.
I don’t have to give you the big “content rules!” speech. You have a company blog.
No, social media is definitely on your business radar. No need to worry. You are a CEO who’s in the loop. Good stuff.

One thing though. Who are you?

I’m serious here. Who are YOU? Because some marketing intern may be twittering her ass off somewhere between writing a blogpost and posting updates on Facebook, but if you really want your business to be and stay successful: Not only does your marketing have to be social. Your business has to be personal.

People don’t care about brands and logo’s anymore. More importantly, people don’t trust them anymore. But if you have the guts to be personal, they might just start trusting you. And being you means showing your face. You’re the boss? You’re calling the shots? You’re the one who wants me to buy your stuff? Then I want to know who you are and where you’re coming from. That is being a CEO who’s in the loop.

And no, I can assure you: If you are one of the happy few who owns a personality you are definitely not too ugly for social media. Trust me. Personality is sexy. And you know how that sells.

Ingrid Tappin is founder of TheNewBizCompany. She is on a mission to socialize business, marketing and media. If you want to be a rock star please contact her HERE.

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