Who is Ingrid Tappin?

“There are a few things that truly belong to me. Who I am. Who I was. And who I want to be.”

Ingrid Christine Tappin (Barbados, 1980) is the daughter of the late Dr. Charles Tappin and Mrs. Margot Faverey Tappin, a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Two exceptional loving parents.

I am an entrepreneur. I’ve been one for as long as I can remember. I love to challenge myself while searching for ways to create new opportunities. Because that’s what entrepreneurship means to me. It’s my combination of a rollercoaster personal development program and an incredible platform for creating significance. At the moment this life work is expressed in a training company called RockstasOnly® and the Dutch tech startup sinq®.

Besides running a business, I’m also very passionate about the love of my life and business partner, Sabine Schoorl. We are crazy in love, crazy about our work and absolutely head over heels with our two daughters Lotus (7) & Sophie (6).

This is my personal blog on which I share my everyday chunks of soul, spirit and excess of energy. It’s mainly just a place to express myself, but feel free to do the same in the comments. Thoughts, ideas, feelings, opinions. Go rock yourself. I’d love it if my words inspired you to do so…